MahJongg Solitaire

MahJongg Solitaire 2.1

MahJongg Solitaire is a classical MahJongg game and is developed by Arkadium (See all)

MahJongg Solitaire is a classical MahJongg tiles game. This game is developed by Arkadium and distributed by Arkadium sells customized versions of this game for you to include it on your own website. The author’s page contains links to play the game online on another site, but you cannot download any version from any site other than Nowstat.

In this version of the traditional MahJongg Chinese game, the goal is to clear stones from the pyramid by finding pairs of identical tiles. You will be able to clear stones that are not covered by another stone, and which have at least one side free. (By "free" I mean that this side is not adjacent to another tile.) If you clear all the tiles from the board within three minutes, you win.

You will see a clock that will show the remaining time to wipe out the whole board. When you have just ten seconds remaining, the game will warn you with a sound. It is allowed to shuffle the tiles once, if you fail to find matching tiles. You can also quit if you believe that you are not going to win the game. The sound effects can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It is nearly impossible to remove all the tiles in just three minutes. The online version of this game gives you nine minutes - that seems to be a more reasonable time lapse
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